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Are you a startup looking to join one of the most serious, intensive and helpful Startups Accelerator Program? We recommend the Fil Rouge Capital #FRCW24 program. Applications are now open!

Going Beyond the Ordinary

At Fil Rouge Capital, the accelerator program offers more than just financial support. Selected startups are promised a treasure trove of value that extends beyond monetary benefits. The post highlights a myriad of perks awaiting successful applicants from tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and more, emphasizing the limitless possibilities that come with being a part of the FRC community.

What's in Store for Applicants?

The post outlines the enticing offerings awaiting successful applicants:

  • Financial Support: Applicants have the right, though not an obligation, to invest a minimum of EUR 50,000 from FRC's next investment fund, with the potential for further follow-up investments from FRC and its co-investors.
  • Mentorship: Full access to the extensive FRC mentor network, providing valuable guidance and support.
  • Dedicated Lead Mentor: Each selected startup will have a dedicated Lead mentor from Fil Rouge Capital's esteemed principals, ensuring personalized guidance throughout the program.
  • Educational Opportunities: Access to exclusive seminars led by industry experts to enhance knowledge and skills.
  • In-House Perks: A variety of in-house perks designed to elevate startups during the program.

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