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It's almost 2021 and the cyber security threats are more aggressive than ever. We prepared a website security checklist that will guarantee you that your website is a safe place for your visitors. In order to make your website secure, you need to:

  1. Use up to date software
  2. Use strong passwords and change them frequently
  3. Create frequent backups, for both database and files
  4. Use SSL certificate
  5. You should allow restricted access to your users
  6. Prevent SPAM - Use captcha and honeypots on your website forms
  7. If you want someone else to take care of your website security, you should invest in a website security software, in case you're interested, Protectumus can help by offering free website security services. Please visit the following page for more details: https://protectumus.com/signup

Protectumus is a free website security scanner that checks your website for known vulnerabilities. We use a cloud scanner that scans your website for security issues for free. Protectumus also offers DDOS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Uptime and Speed Monitoring, plus many more. You can find a list of detailed security features here: https://protectumus.com/features

Full article can be found here: https://protectumus.com/blog/details/website-secur...

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    No title · 3 years ago

    How often should we change the passwords? Can you recommend me a software that creates backups for both files and database?


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      I believe that you should update your passwords every 3 months.

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      As Zen said earlyer, 3 months is a great period of time to reset your passwords. Also please use passwords with at least 8 characters length, that contain letters, numbers and also special characters.