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Typing AI is an Artificial Intelligence API that works for authentication on web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications to enhance security. It revolutionizes the security of the online world by eliminating password usage and provides an accuracy of 99.9% without almost any false positives.

Typing AI is a secure typing biometrics authentication API that identifies users by the way they type. The detection accuracy level is very high and there are almost no false positives.

This project uses artificial intelligence in order to detect the typing pattern. A unique typing ID is generated for each user. There are lots of peoples who tested the API and the accuracy level is over 99.9%.

Typing AI Biometrics provides enterprise grade security. TypingAI can be easily integrated in web, desktop and mobile apps using any programming language.

Typing AI Biometrics is a password killer application that identifies people based on their typing keystrokes. Typing biometrics, known as keystroke dynamics is the core of the Typing AI cyber security product.

Typing AI Biometrics j.d.o.o. is a company registered in Croatia. The company was accelerated by Fil Rouge Capital, the leading Croatian VC, and received an investment of 50 000 euros in 2021 after joining the Fil Rouge Capital accelerator.

How is Typing AI different?

By eliminating passwords, businesses can immediately reduce churn and cart abandonment and provide superior security for personal data.

We have transformed authentication, making it faster, simpler and better! That's why we are helping more and more developers and businesses to secure web, mobile and desktop applications using typing biometrics authentication based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Sectors covered by Typing AI Biometrics

The biggest problem in the banking and fintech world right now is the security of the sensitive data. A data breach can lead to bankruptcy.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemics, schools and colleges were forced to take exams online, some of Typing AI's customers are educational organizations such as state and private schools, colleges, online courses and webinar platforms.

Future plans

In the following months, Typing AI plans to launch a suite of multi factor authentication (MFA) solutions and also two factor authentication (2FA) software.

Typing AI is looking to raise an investment of 300 000 euro in order to boost development, marketing and sales. We are already in talks with several VCs and some Crowdfunding platforms from Europe and USA.

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