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Typing biometric systems have been around for some time, but Typing AI Biometrics has developed a unique approach to this technology. The company's system is based on machine learning algorithms that analyze an individual's typing style and create a unique "typing fingerprint" for each user. This fingerprint is then used to identify the user whenever they type on a device or enter text online.

One of the main benefits of typing biometrics is that it is a non-intrusive form of identification. Unlike other biometric technologies such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, typing biometrics does not require any specialized hardware or equipment. Instead, it can be implemented on any device with a keyboard, making it a versatile and convenient option for a wide range of applications.

In 2021, Typing AI Biometrics received an investment from Fil Rouge Capital, a Croatian venture capital firm. This investment will help the company continue to develop and improve its typing biometric technology, as well as expand its operations to new markets.

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