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    Struggling with your startup's valuation? A lot of startup valuation relies on guesswork and estimation, meaning that there is no single, universally accepted analytical methodology for investors. Instead, VCs and Angels will draw upon several valua...

    Struggling with your startup's valuation? A lot of startup valuation relies on guesswork and estimation, meaning that there is no single, universally accepted analytical methodology for investors. Instead, VCs and Angels will draw upon several valuation method frameworks to understand the value of your startup.

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      Talent Acquisition Platform
      TAP Talent Acquisition Platform provides companies with an easy and flexible way to post their job and find candidates with relevant skills. The talent acquisition platform is software helping people with business brands in talent hunting. TAP EU is...

      jaxcyqguizffdjepa7kbTAP Talent Acquisition Platform provides companies with an easy and flexible way to post their job and find candidates with relevant skills. The talent acquisition platform is software helping people with business brands in talent hunting. TAP EU is the first talent acquisition platform from Romania and Bulgaria, providing support to the companies in the requisition and role assigning process.

      Oficial website: https://tap.eu

      This platform provides satisfactory services to its clients by perfectly managing the advertisement of the job, arranging applicants in a queue and deciding their level of professionalism do rating. Now, you do not need to set a schedule for the meeting or interview because this platform owns all your recruiting responsibilities.

      The terms and conditions are the principles you need to follow to get a subscription to this wonderful platform. Different subscribing packages are available for all businesses, whether smaller or bigger.

      Top Features of TAP you need to know about:

      The astonishing features of the talent acquisition platform are nothing less than hiring a personal secretary. Sometimes, it feels more than a secretory but a proper team of professionals tactfully doing your job. We all need to know the leadership features of the talent acquisition platform to bring about the management of our small or bigger businesses.

      Tracking system for recruitment

      When a company is looking for employees on different posts, it needs to post the jobs by using different platforms and may be paying different people for this purpose. You will feel exhausted if you do this job and other office duties. When you are busy with other office work, you will not be able to track the applications you have received. Categorizing the candidates according to the job requirements, talents, and education that you feel match best is also tricky work that needs proper time.

      When you subscribe to the Talent acquisition platform, a team of professionals tracks the recruitment system for your job. It keeps track of the whole procedure, from posting the job to getting applications and scheduling the interview.

      We provide a complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution that makes recruiting easier. Hiring candidates has never been as fun and as effective. Get started with a 14 day free trial of the Talent Acquisition Platform.

      Preparing schedules for interview

      The talent acquisition platform has software to schedule the interview of candidates with the supervisor of the company. You do not need to shortlist the candidate and schedule their interview; this software does this job for you. The talent acquisition platform never lets you forget the schedule when you have used it for scheduling their interview. It will keep recalling you through a notification in the form of calendars or tables.

      Provide a webpage to advertise the job and helps candidates to get jobs

      This talent acquisition platform does its job brilliantly by connecting with other social platforms with huge audiences and viewer’s traffic. Using these social media platforms for advertisement is not a limitation. It also provides you an app, or you may say a homepage, for the branding of your business. This webpage helps the candidates to get your company's job announcement and an opportunity to apply there. The talent acquisition platform serves not just the companies for recruitment but also the candidates to find the best job according to skills and education.

      Online interview through the zoom app

      Another wonderful feature of this app is the integration of the Zoom App. The integration of the Zoom App has made recruitment easier as the company owner or manager can interview the candidate. The freelancers can get the advantage of the Talent acquisition platform by using this feature.

      Kanban team applicant organization

      By subscribing Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP), the company will get another advantage of Kanban board cards. Kanban cards are the best to enlist the candidates and count on their numbers with ease. Kanban cards help the manager get the applicant arranged in the categories of rejected and selected candidates. It also extracts the high-rated candidates to schedule their interview, then the waiting list, and just the applied list. After processing, you can delete these cards to use a new one or keep them for future use.

      Role assigning to team members

      The manager just has to enter the information of the employees working at their place. The talent acquisition platform will help in the role assigned. It will enlist the employees and bring about the relevant roles to promote teamwork.

      How does it work?

      The talent acquisition platform is working professionally to bring collaboration to your work. It is advertising the jobs, bringing candidates to your company, and shortlisting the candidates at the same time. This is how it is working 24 hours to bring you success.

      · TAP get access to different social media platform to share jobs

      The talent acquisition platform does not restrict your job ad to your webpage, but it brings advertisement campaigns as well. The professional team is working as social media professionals by posting an advertisement on different social media platforms. On social media, your job advertisement will get more traffic, and you will get maximum candidates for every position.

      · Keep the company at ease by automatically arranging applicants in an excel sheet.

      After getting the job applications, the Talent acquisition platform arranges them in the excel sheet. In this way, you do not need to spend time arranging the applications.

      · Design the webpage according to the company branding

      It keeps your privacy confidential and promotes your brand name by designing the webpage according to your company branding theme. The theme reflects the company's motive and branding. You do not feel the need to design a new website and hire extra professional services to run it successfully. With just one subscription, you will get multiple services from the Talent acquisition platform.

      · Bring you the option of different languages.

      It is language friendly platform as the user does not need to focus only on the international language English. He can use his local language depending on the availability of Talent acquisition platforms in different areas.

      · It extracts the candidates by rating to save your time.

      Not only arranging the candidates in the excel sheet is the working style of this wonderful software but also rating them according to their skill set matching the job requirements. The system automatically accepts, does a rating of the applications, and rejects ineligible candidates. This takes a lot of time if you do it, and there are more likely to skip a talented one. So, the Talent acquisition platform has made this crucial step easy for you.

      · A talent acquisition platform keeps personal data secure

      The talent acquisition platform needs your personal data to bring about the important recruiting steps and assign a role to your teammates. You do not need to worry as you have given your data in safe hands as it will not use falsely. It is mentioned in the policy of the Talent acquisition platform to protect your data anyway.

      Top Benefits of TAP you need to know about:

      Looking for an assistant to manage all managerial activities of your company, especially when you are running an online company, you should consider a Talent acquisition platform to do this work for you. Do not get late to get promotional off and get the following benefits.

      You will be getting notifications through Emails and SMS

      When the managers are working in offices, they schedule different meetings, interviews, and events due to the huge pile of work. In case you have subscribed to the Talent acquisition platform, you will never forget. You will receive SMS on your phone and Emails on your phone or other gadgets. So, you are not going to miss any important event.

      You do not need to waste time on posting jobs.

      As you are not a professional in social media advertisement, so trying to do this is just a waste of time. You should do your efforts in the jobs which get your skills. The talent acquisition team will do this job for you and get you huge traffic of candidates. It will let you grab the best and most competent candidates for your company.

      The applicant rating system brings you into your comfort zone of selection.

      You do not need to look keenly into the applications to select the perfect person having proper matching skills with job requirements. Talent acquisition software will do it for you by rating the application from 1 to 5 stars. It will give you a rough idea of which candidates' applications you should read by spending your precious time and which you should neglect.

      Every member of your team will get intimation of his role

      It also helps you to assign the relevant tasks to your team members to avoid any mismanagement and keep the flow of work. It means you do not need to do much for team coordination.

      Future plans of TAP:

      The talent acquisition platform is looking to launch further plans in other countries after running a successful campaign in Romania and Bulgaria. The plans include:

      · Launching this wonderful platform in Europe countries in the year 2022 to provide multinational company managerial support, especially for online businesses.

      · Talent Acquisition Platform is looking forward to furthering the successful inauguration of this professional business-loving program in the States of America and Asia in 2023. Its successful launching will provide the small and big businesses with a wonderful essence of promoting their company and tracking the best and most talented candidates.

      The talent Acquisition platform helps the company to manage the data of their employees and also get the new talented employees by making the right strategies of requisition.

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