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At Typing AI Biometrics, we understand the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in today's business landscape, especially as an AI cyber security startup. With the growing importance of ESG considerations in shaping investor decisions and corporate reputation, we are committed to integrating these principles into our operations and decision-making processes.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that minimizing our environmental impact is crucial for long-term sustainability. As a result, we have implemented energy-efficient practices, reduced waste, and promoted sustainability within our organization. By taking proactive steps to limit our carbon footprint, we contribute to a greener future and foster a cleaner environment for generations to come.

Social Impact

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at Typing AI Biometrics. We strive to create a workplace that promotes equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their background. By cultivating an inclusive environment, we harness the power of diverse perspectives and experiences, leading to innovative solutions and stronger team collaboration.

Governance and Security

Governance is a critical aspect of our business. We prioritize stringent security and privacy standards to protect our customers' data and maintain their trust. Our commitment to governance extends beyond regulatory compliance, as we continuously evaluate and enhance our internal policies and practices to align with industry best practices.

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